Bantam Cochins

We are currently working on mille fleur, blue mille fleur and chocolate mille fleur but,
occassionally have buff columbian and mottled.

2014 Breeder Birds


If either recessive chocolate or blue is added to the mix, the chevron color will change accordingly.  We are expecting some gorgeous birds in 2015.  Please check back for updates.  


below left:  blue mille project cock

below right: blue mille project pullet


Above:  a young chocolate cochin project pair that sold fall 2014

 Though our colors are not recognized varieties, we take great pride in our stock and breed toward the type standard.  All of our birds have correct eye and feet coloring (aside from the chocs) have no major disqualifications, have lovely heads and sizable cushions.  We plan to have started birds in all colors beginning summer 2015.  

We do NOT sell hatching eggs or chicks as doing so would prevent us from achieving our goals here at GHF.  

We retain our best birds for improvement of the flock.

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