Buyer Info.


Admission fee: $5 ea.

Kids 12 and under are free

Early Bird Pass $10

General admission begins at 9am.  Please be courteous to others waiting in line and space accordingly.  We are an outdoor venue and, therefore, masks are NOT mandatory.  Please keep this in mind when making plans to attend.  Early Bird passes are available now via our pre-paid eventbrite system.  This pass permits early entry at 8am as well as all day access to our monitored event restroom trailer.   




Please scroll through our "Swap Tips" segment for useful information.  If you are new to poultry, you may also want to check out our page on poultry health.



Swap Tips


*Stop by our Facebook Page MPS&FM FB to stay in the loop or check out our event page to make contact with the sellers beforehand. Some folks like to fly by the seat of their pants and hunt for their new pets while others prefer to reserve the birds they want to avoid stress on swap day so the Event Page can be a useful tool. 


*Bring dog crates or cardboard boxes to take home new critters.  Sellers bring them too but, they can run out fast.  Take a few moments before you get here to poke some holes in them for ventilation. 


*Get here early.  The saying goes, "the early bird gets the worm" and this holds true at the MPS&FM.  It's sort of like a very large yard sale.  When you arrive afternoon, be prepared for slim pick-ins'  BUT, there is also a greater chance of doing some dickering.  Sellers are much more wiling to make a deal and not have to transport birds back home.


*Get the sellers contact info!   With all the excitement, it's easy to forget but, when you get home there may be questions;  How old are my birds?  What did she say the breed was again?  Most vendors will be giving receipts with their info on it but, if they do not, just ask them for a card or contact info. 


*Be sure to check over potential new birds for health!  Unthrifty birds will have much less of a chance to thrive when it gets home.  Be sure your new birds feel like they have a good weight for their size, have clean feathers and bright, clear eyes.

*Be prepared to stay awhile.  We have live bluegrass music, good food and you will see something new every time you take a stroll.  Hours fly by before you know it so wear comfortable shoes and enjoy yourself.


Release of Liability


Green Hill Farm is not affiliated with any other poultry seller at the swap and cannot be held responsible for poultry purchased at the swap that may become sick or even die or are otherwise not what you agreed to purchase.  It's the sellers responsibility to be honest as well as the buyers responsibility to do their homework and purchase wisely.  Be sure you are ready to get your pets home safely in well-ventilated containers and be sure you have sufficient housing with dry bedding, food and water.  If you wish to buy only hens, do a little research so you can tell the difference between a rooster and a hen.  If you only wish to purchase very young pullets, be sure to communicate that to the selling vendor and get their info so you can contact them with any questions or issues post sale. 


If you later have problems with your purchase, be sure to contact the selling vendor first for mediation. (remember to get contact info!) 
If you are still unsatisfied, please contact me and I will try to help.


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