Built onsite within 1 hour of Sharpsburg, Maryland

Custom Coops

Coops so cute, your neighbor can't complain!  They are built with functionality in mind so we pack them full of amenities. Equipt with large barn doors for easy cleaning, big windows for lots of ventilation, pulley trap door and easy egg collecting panels, every inch is utilized. 

Our Walk-in coops give you a bit more room to spread out.  All the basics are here but, we can also add in lots of fun design aspects.  Double screen doors, handcrafted gable vents, wall to wall windows for lots of light, architectual accents and vintage farmhouse doors are just some ideas.  The walls are 6 ft. tall which leaves plenty of head room at the peak.  

Basic Info on how we build


All of our buildings are customized to order.  The siding is made of 1" thick poplar boards which is heavier and more durable than pine.  The craftsmanship and overall design of our coops are just as important to us as its functionality.  We don't have a showroom or coops currently for sale.  We are a very small company with two carpenters and myself, the designer/sales person/chicken counselor.   After an order is placed, delivery is usually 4 weeks out.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or even wild, over the top requests.  If you want a chandelier in your chicken coop, we will make it happen!


Material we use


2x4 pine construction

locally cut and milled 1" thick poplar board and batten siding 

reclaimed wood windows

high quality knobs, locks and other hardware 

handcrafted doors, screen doors and some reclaimed doors

pressure treated decking material 

locally made high quality corrugated metal roofing 



Behr Stain in solid colors, semi-transparent (allows some graining to show through) and transparent (accentuates wood graining for a natural look)

Behr Color Chart

We spend a great deal of time on each building.  From the design to the construction to the details, we take great pride in our coops.  They are built to last and will be a part of  your landscape for a long time to come.  Some of our customers have asked to incorporate their own treasures like the vintage frame nesting boxes above or windows from an old house they once knew or used wood from a fallen barn to create a new barn with the same look of the one they lost.  What a nice way to bring new life into old memories.  Let us know if you'd like to add something from your history.



"We love our new chicken coop! It's exactly what I wanted. I'm so happy that I put my vision in your hands.  Kerry and the rest of your team are obviously very meticulous, from the construction to the set up.  I'm sure this will last as long as the main house, the chicks love it and so do my neighbors!!! Last but certainly not least, it enhances the beauty of our back yard, a win, win situation.  Thank you!"   -Tracy Aug. 2014


"We purchased a designer coop from Erin & Kerry last month and glad we did.  It is of high quality, better value (compared to others), and delivered a week early!  I recommend Designer Coops, and we ALWAY try supporting small, local businesses."  -Bill & Pamela July 2014


"I can't thank Erin and Kerry enough for creating such a wonderful coop for our ladies!  My husband used to have a building company and he was so impressed with Kerry's attention to detail, professionalism and craftsmanship. I appreciated Erin's extensive poultry experience. She knew just what the chickens and a busy chicken keeper need in a coop to keep things safe and running smoothly. Erin's eye for design is impeccable too! I gave her a few sentimental farm items to add and she did such a wonderful job highlighting them and incorporating them into the decor. Yes, I did use the work decor for a chicken coop!  


And, best of all, the price was more than reasonable!! What more could you ask for? I highly recommend Erin and Kerry for your next coop or farm building project!"  -Melissa  January 2014


"'Creme De La Coop gets it right!  We are ecstatic about our personalized custom coop!  One of the best decisions we ever made was to take the plunge and have our coop completely customized.  Details galore adorn our little beauty!  We couldn't be happier with how hard they worked to make our coop fit the look we desired.  They read our minds and our chicks have a happy little home!"  The Aluise Family 





The "Aluise Coop" pictured in curry stain with creamy white trim and bordeaux accents.

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