February 19, 2019

Old farms come with old stories.  They're hidden in walls and buried beneath the dirt.  They're filtered through generations and are sometimes better left forgotten.  But, they leave their mark and become history. 

Photo above: ghf taken in 1920...

January 29, 2016

Livestock Guardian/First Line of Defense/Nanny/Best Friend.  

Keisha is our dog and, like me, she wears many hats around the farm.  


Back Story: I first saw her while visiting the Washington County Humane Society. Roen, my then 4 year old son, and I brought her in the p...

January 4, 2015

The Farmhouse in December.

The first cold blast of Winter is like a sounding alarm to the farmer.  

It's a warning that tougher times are surely ahead and to get things in order quickly.


By now, the garden has been "put to bed,"  the watering systems are set up accordin...