Homesteading Days

**This Event is Cancelled until 2017**


 Soap Making * Beekeeping * Canning & Preserving


Timber Framing * Butchering * Blacksmithing * Solar Energy

Take one class or take several.  Each class is roughly an hour (aside from the timber framing class). If you have a window inbeween scheduled classes, there is time to enjoy a walk on the Antietam Battlefield, hit Shepherdstown for the boutiques or enjoy stroll around the farm.




Self-Sustainability is a an art form taught by mothers and fathers and grandparents to their children and grand children.  These life lessons were once valued as precious and necessary to survive.

As modern convenience changes the way we live, there are fewer people who practice these ways.  Join us during Homesteading Days weekend this fall for our many workshops and demonstrations which focus on self sustainability.  


Class times are scheduled back to back so that you can take multiple classes (aside from Timber Framing).  If you would like to skip a class or two and have some downtime, you are welcome to leisurely explore the farm, pack snacks and enjoy your gadgets, hike the Antietam Battlefield (just two minute drive from the farm) or head to Shepherdstown (about ten minutes away) for boutique shopping and lots of restaurant choices in a bustling college town.

Note:  Each class has a specified limit (usually around 20 attendees)  We will update this page as classes become full)


 Schedule of Events


Cold Process Soap Making  $35

Larry and Sandy of Hickory Hill will be sharing the values and practices cherished by their grandparents and others who seek a more self-reliant lifestyle.

History, recipes, demonstrations and more

Beekeeping $25

Rick Hemphill has hives all over Maryland including GHF.  He will give a one hour discussion on starting out, maintaining hives, collecting honey and more.


10:00 -2:00  

Timber Framing $200

2-day course w/ lunch break

Al has is a member of the Timber Framer's Guild and has traveled the country building frames.  He is also managing our new barn build here on the farm.  He will go over the basics of design, weight load, joinery, square rule and include lots of hands-on wood working in a relaxed atmosphere.  (lunch is included)


Canning & Preserving $35

Suzanne of Faerie Spring Farm will be showing us what has come naturally to her and her family... preserving the bounty.  Enjoy a relaxed hands-on demo in Suzanne's outdoor kitchen display while she chats family recipes and sends you home with the confidence to do it all.

2 classes  -1:00  and  3:30
Basket Weaving $30

Kat has been making old-fashioned Appalachian baskets for a very long time.  She enjoys adding natural accents to her luxurious baskets.  Learn how to make the "egg basket" and take it home to enjoy for years to come.

Rabbit Butchering $50

(bring a cooler, an apron or wear old clothes)

Hands on with Kate Hemphill.  She will show you the most humane and easy way to dispatch and clean fresh, healthy meat from your backyard.  Take home your own butchered rabbit.  



Poultry Processing $65
(bring a cooler, an apron or wear old clothes)

Dana with Moose Manor Farms raises, processes and sells her own poultry right off her farm in Southern Maryland.  Her hands-on butchering class will send you home with the knowledge to get through your own batch from start to finish.  Take home a chicken or duck for dinner.



Mead Making 

Unwind on Saturday evening with a relaxing presentation on mead making.  It's FREE to all of our students as well as the public.  Enjoy the information, the tastings and the live bluegrass by Copper Canyon Bluegrass.  Mead is an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey with water, sometimes with various fruits, spices, grains, or hops.  Our mead maker, Geoffrey, is traveling from Berkeley Springs to spend the afternoon with us.  He will send us all home with the no-how to make mead right in our kitchen!  


Morning Chores at GHF
Walk with Erin and help with morning chores.  Open coops to let out free range poultry, feed and water, collect eggs and fill duck ponds.



Farm Breakfast (included)

Complimentary scrambled eggs, potatoes & onions, locally produced sausage and bacon, homemade breads & preserves, 



Solar Energy $30

Clay Herzog (Solar & Renewable Energy Consultant, Trainer, Instructor and Lecturer) will give a presentation that lessens the stress of hooking up to clean energy.  Learn how to do the math, the conversions, the necessary parts and get the knowledge to do it yourself.


10:00 - 2:00  

Timber Framing $200

(2-day course w/ lunch break)

Al has been a member of the Timber Framers Guild and has traveled the country building frames.  He is also the construction manager of our new barn build here on the farm.  He will start with showing us how to use a portable sawmill.  He will go over the basics of design (weight load, the tools, square rule and scribe rule).  Students will learn mortising and joinery.  This is a hands-on workshop.



Lunch Cookout (included)

locally produced beef burgers with all the fixins and some homemade sides



Blacksmithing and building your own forge $30

Derick Kemper of Damselfly forge is going to show us how to construct a simple forge at home and how to turn your creative ideas into a useful and artful reality.  Begin your own journey.


If you would like to attend a class or multiple classes, please fill out the form below. 


It will be sent to my email and I will send you the total and we can discuss camping, bringing kids/pets, downtime, payment arrangements, etc.




Rick Hemphill keeps a hive here at Green Hill Farm.  He currently has 17 hives spread across the county and farms his own honey.  He will discuss the basics of beekeeping and the benefits to your garden



Suzanne Lucas of Faerie Springs Farm will host the canning seminar.  She sells her canned items at five popular markets and will show us how grandma used to do it!

Harvesting crops and buying local fresh foods when in season and capturing their nutrition at the height of their ripeness is why people still enjoy canning and preserving.  


Dana Kee of Moose Manor Farms in Pomfret, Maryland has been selling her farm raised muscovie, turkey, duck and goose freshly harvested for some time.  Her customers are always thankful at the quality of her meats and her processing.  She will demonstrate all things raising fowl show you each step of preparing fowl for the table from start to finish.

Our Timber Framing Class spans the entire weekend.  It's full of demonstrations and hands-on workshops as well as good eats! Learn the tools, the history, the wooden joinery and the talent from a master in the field and work on building a bent for our future event barn.  All Timber Frame students will be invited back for our barn raising in 2016.  

Beautiful blades by: Damselfly Forge

Clay has made a career consulting large companies as well as home owners about their energy needs.  He's "the man" when it comes to solar energy... and also my neighbor.


photo credit:  Hagerstown Magazine



Camping is welcome if you plan to attend Homesteading days.

Build a campfire and enjoy the evening with friends.  We will have restrooms and hand washing facilities onsite.

If you would prefer a room, please research bed & breakfasts in Sharpsburg as well as hotels in nearby Shepherdstown, WV.  
Kids over 12 are welcome but, please use discretion.  Some seminars may not be suitable for some children.  


No Pets Please.

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