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Swap Rules


All animals must remain in cages or otherwise be confined during the event.

All animals must be in excellent health and may not be displaying signs of respiratory illness, open sores or otherwise appear unwell.  Sick animals will not be permitted.  


Animals acquired from an auction within 60 days of swapmeet are not permitted as these animals may be carrying illness.

All livestock (alpacas, donks, goats, sheep, ponies, etc.) must come with scrapie tag if applicable and/or health certificate if out of state.

All equine must also come with a neg. coggins.


Dogs are no longer welcome.  We apologize for this new, but necessary new rule.  We don't have the ability to watch over everyone's dogs and there has been quite a few issues with aggressive or out of control pups.  If your pup is small enough to carry in a purse or backpack, we can make an exception.  


Camping is welcome!  Come the night before so you can be ready when the buyers arrive. We don't have electric hook up but, porto-johns will be on premises.  


Please be diligent by checking birds for signs of illness; listlessness, ruffled feathers, sinus drainage, sneezing or wheezing.  If you notice sick animals, please notify staff immediately.  


NO ONE is permitted in the chicken barns on the premises.  Thank you.   


Poultry Testing Requirements:

Please refer to the Maryland Dept. of Ag. for their swapmeet policy.




Give receipts.  Receipts must contain your premises number or your NPIP#, your contact information (including name, city/state and phone number or email address if you prefer not to give out your number) and the species/breed/age info.


Example Receipt:  


Green Hill Farm

Sharpsburg, MD.

ID# 223  



3 silver laced wyandottes  3-6 months old

 If you have any questions, email me.