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Seller Info.

This is a community event and anyone is welcome to participate.

farm-related, homemade, handcrafted, homegrown, vintage or recycled is welcome at the swap.  


Vendor fee $25-$40

A space is approximately 12x12 and most include room for 1 vehicle.   Double and Triple spaces can be purchased for larger setups.  

Swap Registration is available here 


On event day, please arrive early and keep aisles orderly so others can leave if necessary.  Staff will show you to your space.  Spaces are approximately 12x12 and include 1 parking space.   If you require a trailer, additional vehicles or double canopies, please purchase additional spaces to accommodate.  Bring your own canopies, tables and chairs or tail-gate.  


There will be food and drink vendors as well as watering stations to get fresh water for your animals.  There will also be portable restroom units and handwashing stations.


Please pay close attention to animal health.  Sick or otherwise unthrifty animals will not be permitted at the swapmeet. 


Livestock or poultry purchased from an auction within 60 days of swapmeet are NOT permitted.  This aids in the prevention of the spread of disease.


All animals must remain confined or in a cage.


Bring boxes with ventilation holes to send home new pets.


Dogs are welcome but, please... leashes ONLY.


Early bird set up on Friday anytime after noon is welcome.  Many vendors enjoy setting up at a slower pace and reserving their favorite spot.  Please keep your boxes and cages tucked under your tables and drop canopies as low as possible in case we get any wind.  Camping is welcome on Friday night.  If you're coming a good distance, you may prefer to stay the night.  Campers and RV's require the purchase of a second space equal to original space purchased.  Tents that can be packed back up in the morning are free.


I will be advertising in newspapers, online, 4-h clubs, agricultural centers, poultry clubs and flyers will be posted in local and not so local feed stores, general stores and grocery stores.  Please print out a copy of this flyer and take it your local feed store and gas station.  If everyone posts this flyer 1 time, imagine the traffic it could bring!  Flyer looks great on cheap photo paper or card stock or print as a "fast draft" to conserve ink on regular paper.

Click on flyer to print and post at your local feed store or save it to your hard drive as a jpeg and share on Facebook and email to your poultry group and to friends.  Every little bit helps get the word out!