Tall Coops

Walk in sized poultry palaces

The Cottage Coop


 This cute coop is sure to please all the neighbors with its adorable features and country cottage flair.


Basic Package includes:  6x8 ft. of living space, reverse gable roof line for added head room, front porch overhang, 2 front (fixed) windows with flower boxes, front door with a screen door, double side windows that open like shutters also with flower boxes, 6 spacious nesting boxes, ladder style perch, rear trap door with pulley system (to lock up birds without entering coop), handcrafted gable vents and two color stain package.  $5250


Run Package includes: 6x8 walk-in run made of pressure treated pine and 1/4" hardware cloth with rear entry door.  Matching metal roofing, soffit and fascia tie it all together.  Custom panels in between legs of coop allow the chickens to access underside of building for extra scratching room.  $1824


Specs:  Tall coops can range in total height but are around 12-13 ft. high.  This includes legs and skis.  The walls are 6 ft. with a total height inside of about 8-9 ft. depending on roof pitch and size of building. 


Tall coops are extremely heavy.  They are loaded by wench but, can be dropped onsite anywhere that can be accessed with a truck and trailer.  The skis will allow you to move the coop in the future if necessary.


transparent cedar natural-tone

trim: pinto white with distressing

Low Country Style windows

The Bungalow


The Bungalow Suite will give your girls lots of room while adding a beautiful focal point to your landscape.  


Basic Package includes: 

3 hinged vintage windows backed with hardware cloth, large handcrafted front door, two easy egg collecting panels, louvered vent, 4 spacious nesting boxes, ladder style perch and chicken trap pulley door.  $4,150


Bonus Package includes: Antique front door with detailed double screen doors made with hardware cloth for durability and predator prevention.  Leave the main door open and let the breeze in on warm days. $350 


(windows and doors can be adjusted to suit you)


The Outback


The "Outback" makes a great coop but, could also be an efficient hunting shanty by lowering the trap doors to shooting height.  


Basic Package includes: 1 LARGE main window that is hinged and can be propped open, handcrafted front door w/ window, 1,2,3! ventilation traps, easy egg collecting panel, pulley chicken trap and large overhang. $2660


Bonus Package: 2 cleanout flaps to easily sweep out debris into composting trays,  $175

Add ventilation traps to any coop!

Natural Sequoia 


Chocolate - semi transparent

pinto white -semi-transparent

trim: cedar -semi-transparent

Cottage Coop shown with smaller run package.

 Colonial yellow & pinto white w/pecan stain accents.

Walk-In Prices

5x8  4000

5x9  4500


6x6  3600

6x7  4200

6x8  4800

6x9  5400

6x10 6000



Run Packages Vary.   Our walk in sized runs with chicken wire and roofing run $38 per sq. ft.  with a minimum of 30 sq. ft 

Standard Features

All of our walk-in coops feature pressure treated legs and skis, pine constrcution, poplar board & batten siding, vintage windows (hinged or completely removeable), pulley chicken trap door, chicken ladder, ample perches and nesting boxes, flower boxes, Large handcrafted barn doors with traditional "Z" style backing, choice of stain and metal roof color, traditional or curved fascia returns, fascia and soffit 



Dormers, louvered vents, easy access egg collecting panels, ventilation traps, cleaning traps, front stoops and porches, multi-color stain packages, automatic chicken door, solar package, chandeliers, cupolas and more!

If you have an idea, don't be afraid to ask!  We love trying new things and have the expertise to bring it to life. 

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